Ancestry trip to FOD (General)

by charwatkin @, Dalton, Ohio, USA, Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 13:53 (3112 days ago)

If you were planning an "Ancestry Trip" to England/Wales and a big part of it was to the Forest of Dean area.... how would you go about it?

We live in the US and are hoping to make that trip next year, so we have a while to plan. I have several questions on how best to manage it. I am a planner (down to a fault). Would you....

Hire someone to take you around, hire someone to plot out your trip, or go it on your own and hope for the best? What time of year would you go for the best weather or any other reason (maybe to avoid crowds, etc.)? We had driven in other countries but have always been on the same 'side' of the road as us. This would be different. And... since we would be there about 10 days to 2 weeks, would it be best to stay in one place as a base and venture from there... or go the B & B route and stay as you go?

My husband had a great grandfather who immigrated from the Monmouth/Brecon area in 1888 and a great grandmother who immigrated from the FOD area in 1884 with her parents. They married in up state New York in 1891. Fortunately, they were both from areas that are close and not across country.

Looking for suggestions from those who are familiar with the area, have made the trip themselves or know someone else who has. We live in Ohio Amish Country and could give ideas all day long about what to do in this area... but are obviously clueless in a whole different part of the world! Your thoughts & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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