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Correct again sir,
as per this map. http://www.fdean.gov.uk/media/logo/locationmap-forestofdean.pdf

I have no problem with that for local government purposes, altho I do hope this scheme for Gloster Cathedral area to become part of the "Forest" doesn't(didn't?) happen !
Not sure about this excerpt !! (no doubt quoted out of context, but shades of 70s banks ?)
Councillor Pam Tracey (Con. Westgate) said: "This is absolutely diabolical. Do they not live in the real world? We built the river so we could keep them out."

It all reminds me of my first visit to the New Forest, I was surprised that I couldn't see the trees for the open spaces ..., altho at least it was a Forest once before the Navy shipyards got busy. Similarly the attractive & peaceful yet rather barren Forest of Bowland near Blackburn. Shows how lucky we still are perhaps.

I've just realised I should have consulted the "official" British History, and to my surprise I find the above suggestion re Gloster was almost the same in the days of the Conquest.

"Between 1086 and 1228 the bounds of the juridical Forest were enlarged to include all the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire manors and villages in an area bounded on the south-east by the Severn from Over bridge, adjoining Gloucester, to the mouth of the Wye, on the west by the Wye from its mouth up to a ford between Goodrich castle and Walford (Herefs.), on the north-west by bounds, mainly trackways, running from the ford by way of Weston under Penyard (Herefs.) and Gorsley to Oxenhall bridge on Ell brook near Newent, and on the north-east by the main road from Newent to Gloucester."

From: 'Forest of Dean: Bounds of the forest', A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 5: Bledisloe Hundred, St. Briavels Hundred, The Forest of Dean (1996), pp. 295-300.
URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=23265 Date accessed: 02 March 2013.

So maybe our C21st administrators are not "barking" after all ?

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