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by pojames @, Saturday, July 27, 2013, 14:44 (2646 days ago)

Not sure whether this is 'off topic' for this forum, but there has been so much help forthcoming re. other more closely FOD relatives that I'll post it anyway - let me know if it's unacceptable.

With the help of the forum I've been following Thomas James's and Benjamin James's family. They were both very much FOD in origin. They were positively identified in the 1841 census, and they and their families have probably been identified in various FOD PR's before that date.

I have only realised yesterday that I have no details of the death/burial of Benjamin's son Francis, my g'father. He was definitely living and working in Cirencester in the 1911 census, aged 57, born (acc. to that census), at 'Durdham Downs', but acc. to the 1901 and 1891 censuses at Bristol, and acc. to the 1881 census at Westbury-on-Trym. I know they're all part of the same general geographical area, but I suspect it may be the variations in 'where born' that are complicating my efforts at searching for his demise, which has so far proved fruitless.

He didn't apparently feature in my parents' wedding photo, though his wife did. (Marriage of Denis James and Madeleine Moilliet, m.1942.) His wife (by then presumably widow), Mary Ann James, died in Barnstaple, Devon in 1949, aged 90. She had moved in with my parents at some point, I think before they were married - I was as a child vaguely under the impression that she had effectively separated from Francis some years before, but this may have been a childish misunderstanding, and he may simply have died and left her on her own.

But I have no clue as to when or where Francis James (no middle name) might have lived / died post-1911 - which is a bit sad, in more senses than one, especially since I was named after him.

Any help would be much appreciated - if, as I say, it's not too far off-topic. I know some forum members are a lot more skilled than myself at searching data-bases - and have access to many more sources. Cheers !

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